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Sign Maintenance and Refurbishment

If your sign is starting to act up and not displaying how it used to be , we can completely revamp it! Whether it's a bulb change or a complete refurbishment overhaul, we offer a full range of services to help breathe new life into your sign. Let us provide sign service that brings glory back to your old sign and give people that lasting first impression of your business.

LED Retrofitting

One of our most popular sign services is LED retrofitting. Most signs are illuminated by fluorescent bulbs. For some establishments, fluorescent bulbs may be the right choice. However, these types of signs require a lot of service that can get costly. When businesses get tired of their signs going out all the time, we recommend upgrading to LED. LED-lit signs are more energy efficient and therefore cheaper to maintain, which is why so many people are now choosing LED over fluorescent bulbs. If you're ready to make the switch, we are here to help. Most retrofits can be completed in a day or less with no disruption to the business.‚Äč


From a sign on the ground, to a sign on top of a skyscraper, we can install them all. We start out by surveying your site and determining what sign installation entails. Before we start the project, we also take care of any necessary permitting. When we design your sign, we keep your installation requirements in mind. Our experts are experienced with installing all types of materials.

We pride ourselves on the workmanship, quality and value in our products and services.

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